Overview: VoiceXD is an AI solution empowering users to craft and launch tailored AI assistants for chat and voice interactions.
Tool Category: Chatbots
Pricing Model: Freemium

VoiceXD is an AI solution empowering users to craft and launch tailored AI assistants for chat and voice interactions. This versatile platform facilitates the creation, testing, and deployment of cutting-edge AI companions driven by the powerful GPT technology, customized to precise use cases.

At its core, VoiceXD offers an intuitive flow builder that streamlines the process of fashioning robust AI assistants in a matter of steps. This enables users to fine-tune the AI’s capabilities and govern the range of actions it can perform. Additionally, VoiceXD permits users to endow their AI assistants with access to diverse knowledge sources, thus empowering them to deliver pertinent responses to inquiries.

The tool goes further by enabling users to construct intricate workflows for handling complex tasks and executing multi-step actions, all without the necessity of coding. Users can seamlessly generate content, encompassing training data, assistant responses, and multi-turn conversation structures, leveraging AI-driven content generation tools. Collaboration is effortlessly facilitated through VoiceXD, as the platform centralizes designs, content, and data, promoting real-time teamwork.

VoiceXD also offers the capability to develop high-fidelity prototypes and integrate test data to validate user experiences early in the process, minimizing the need for extensive post-development modifications. Furthermore, it simplifies the deployment process to various voice and chat channels, streamlining testing and publication.

Notably, VoiceXD places a strong emphasis on data security, assuring that any data accessed by the created assistants remains strictly confidential and is never utilized for training purposes. Within the platform, users can enhance their designs with contextual elements, manage content, and shape conversational flows seamlessly, all while fostering collaborative efforts across multiple perspectives.

To further augment its offerings, VoiceXD introduces an AI-Companion beta feature that leverages the power of GPT-3 to generate content and customization options, aligning them with specific brand tones. This feature is designed to break down barriers, making conversation design accessible to a wide audience and ensuring a smooth onboarding experience compared to other platforms.

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