Overview: Extracts anything from videos such as action, objects, text on screen, speech, and people.
Tool Category: Video
Pricing Model: Paid

Introducing Twelvelabs, an advanced AI tool that extracts valuable information from videos using just text inputs. Please note that Twelvelabs currently offers an API exclusively for developers.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Video Search: Unlock the full power of video search with Twelvelabs. Effortlessly search for specific elements within your videos, including visuals, conversations, logos, and text.
Extract Key Features: Twelvelabs utilizes AI technology to extract key features from videos, including action, objects, text on screen, speech, and people. Gain valuable insights and information from your video content.
Instant Key Moment Identification: With Twelvelabs, you can make any video database searchable, allowing you to quickly find key moments within your video collection.
Semantic Video Embedding: Transform your videos into vector embeddings that capture the underlying semantics of the content. This enables deeper analysis and understanding of the video data.
Experience the power of Twelvelabs as it revolutionizes the way you search, analyze, and extract valuable information from videos using text inputs.

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