Overview: Get weekly summaries of your feeds.
Tool Category: Productivity
Pricing Model: Free

Summate, a convenient tool that provides weekly summaries of your selected YouTube channels and articles based on your interests.

Key Features:

Effortless Subscription Integration: With a single click, you can instantly add all your subscriptions to FeedDigest, ensuring that you stay up to date with the content you’re interested in.
Time-Saving Personalized Digests: By utilizing personalized digests, FeedDigest saves you a significant amount of time. Receive weekly summaries of key points from your chosen YouTube channels and articles, allowing you to stay informed without investing hours of your time.
Streamlined Navigation: FeedDigest enhances your browsing experience with automatic video categorization. Easily navigate through the content and find what interests you the most.
Experience the convenience and time-saving benefits of FeedDigest as it delivers curated weekly summaries of your favorite YouTube channels and articles, keeping you informed and up to date.

Please note that FeedDigest operates exclusively in the English language.

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