Overview: Generate amazing 3d objects, animations, and textures using a text prompt.
Tool Category: Design
Pricing Model: Freemium

Spline AI, an extraordinary platform that empowers users to generate astonishing 3D objects, animations, and textures with a simple text prompt.

Key Features:

Intuitive 3D Design Creation: Users can effortlessly bring their envisioned designs to life by describing their desired 3D objects and scenes through AI prompts. Spline AI utilizes these prompts to generate and customize the models, making the design process seamless.
Seamless Texture Creation: With Spline AI, users can create flawless textures for objects by using text prompts, resulting in a more intuitive and efficient texturing workflow.
Real-time Collaboration: The platform fosters remote teamwork by enabling collaborators to work together in real-time. This feature promotes efficient design iterations and enhances the generation of creative ideas, boosting productivity and collaboration.
Customization and Visualization: Users have the freedom to modify objects, apply materials, experiment with lighting, and visualize their 3D creations in real-time. This interactive feature empowers users to make informed changes and refine their designs to perfection.
Experience the awe-inspiring capabilities of Spline AI as it revolutionizes the generation of remarkable 3D objects, animations, and textures based on simple text prompts. Unleash your creativity and unlock a world of possibilities in the realm of 3D design.

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