Overview: Segmentle is an AI-generated numbers game that challenges players to rearrange numbers in each column of a grid so that they add up to the target number displayed above the grid.
Tool Category: Gaming
Pricing Model: Free

Segmentle: The AI-Powered Numbers Puzzle Game.

Key Features of Segmentle:

– Varied Grid Sizes: Choose from grid sizes of 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, and 6×6, offering a range of challenges to suit your preference.

– Difficulty Levels: Challenge yourself with different difficulty levels, including Easy, Medium, Hard, and Genius, ensuring hours of engaging gameplay.

– In-Game Options: Enhance your gaming experience with in-game options like Shuffle, Hint, Reveal, Show Totals, and Show Differences, adding depth to your strategies.

– Daily Puzzles: Enjoy fresh challenges daily, keeping your mind sharp and entertained with an endless stream of puzzles.

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