Rath by Kanarie

Rath by Kanarie
Overview: Automate exploratory data analysis.
Tool Category: Misc
Pricing Model: Paid

Effortless Data Exploration with Rath by Kanarie

Discover Rath by Kanarie’s Powerful Features:

Rath by Kanarie redefines exploratory data analysis, making it a breeze. Explore multi-dimensional data effortlessly with these exceptional features:

1. **Augmented Analytic Engine:** Experience a new level of data exploration powered by AI.

2. **Copilot for Data Exploration:** Enjoy intelligent guidance throughout your data analysis journey.

3. **Data Painter:** Easily manipulate and visualize data for clearer insights.

4. **Data Preparation Assistance:** Streamline the data preparation process for more efficient analysis.

5. **Graphic Walker:** Seamlessly embed your findings into web and mobile applications for wider accessibility.

With Rath, data exploration becomes an automated, insightful, and user-friendly experience.

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