Overview: Your offline personal AI Assistant. 100% Privacy and Secure.
Tool Category: Chatbots
Pricing Model: Free

Introducing PrivateGPT, your offline personal AI Assistant that guarantees 100% privacy and security for your data.

With PrivateGPT, you can have natural language conversations and receive intelligent responses without the need to rely on external servers like ChatGPT. This ensures that your data remains completely private and protected, addressing the major concern of data leaks that enterprises and organizations often face.

We are proud to announce two major updates to PrivateGPT that further enhance its capabilities. Firstly, we have improved the ingestion time by 500x, making it even faster and more efficient for processing your queries and providing prompt responses. This means you can rely on PrivateGPT to deliver quick and accurate information whenever you need it.

Additionally, we have expanded the document support in PrivateGPT. It now supports two popular document formats, including pdf, docx, epub, and md. This allows you to conveniently interact with a wide range of documents, enabling seamless integration with your workflow.

With PrivateGPT, you can experience the power of AI and natural language processing while maintaining complete control over your data. Your conversations and interactions with PrivateGPT remain private and secure, offering peace of mind for sensitive information and confidential discussions.

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