Overview: Glasp is a digital tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to assist users in selecting, categorizing, and sharing quotes, thoughts, and ideas from online sources.
Tool Category: Writing
Pricing Model: Free

Glasp: Your Digital Companion for AI-Enhanced Quote, Thought, and Idea Management.

Key Features of Glasp:

1. Effortless Information Capture: Glasp simplifies the process of saving web-based snippets, making it effortless to gather valuable information.

2. Personalized AI Models: Users can curate and create personalized AI models based on their collected highlights, tailoring their experience.

3. Community Engagement: Glasp fosters connection with other users, granting access to shared resources and facilitating content discovery.

4. Wall of Love: Share your highlights, notes, and resources with friends and the community using the Wall of Love feature, enhancing collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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