Free Music Demixer

Free Music Demixer

The free-music-demixer is an innovative AI-powered music demixing tool designed to empower users by separating individual instruments from music recordings, creating distinct audio stems. This user-friendly web application is accessible free of charge and imposes no usage restrictions.

The demixing procedure leverages the Open-Unmix AI model, specifically employing the UMX-L pretrained weights. This tool operates locally within the user’s web browser, ensuring data confidentiality with no data storage involved.

It’s worth noting that although the tool performs admirably on computers, its performance may be somewhat sluggish on smartphones. Users can effortlessly load a music track into the demixer and disassemble it into bass, drums, vocals, other instruments, and even karaoke tracks using the advanced AI model.

All demixing activities occur exclusively within the user’s browser, guaranteeing the privacy of uploaded files, and it also offers experimental support for batch demixing. The free-music-demixer is the brainchild of Sevag H, who remains committed to its development and maintenance. Support for this valuable tool is available through GitHub Sponsors or PayPal.

Furthermore, businesses in the professional music sector have the opportunity to promote their products and services on this platform for targeted exposure within the music and technology communities. Important disclaimers include restrictions on the commercial use of the demixing outputs and a gentle reminder of the CPU and memory-intensive nature of the demixing process, necessitating some patience.

Users are encouraged to report any encountered bugs or make feature requests through the project’s GitHub issues page. While input files can be in nearly any audio format, the resulting outputs are consistently stereo WAV files with a sampling rate of 44100 Hz.

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