Overview: Personalized campaigns, automated customer journeys, audience management, data collection, and performance insights across various communication channels.
Tool Category: Marketing
Pricing Model: Freemium

Introducing Contlo, an AI-native marketing platform designed to empower businesses with their own generative AI Model for comprehensive marketing campaigns. With Contlo, businesses can streamline their marketing efforts, personalize customer experiences, and gain valuable insights across various communication channels.


Generative AI Model Training: Contlo allows businesses to train their own generative AI model for contextual creative generation. This enables personalized and targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with the audience.

Simplified Marketing Interface: Contlo simplifies the marketing process by providing a user-friendly chat interface to manage the entire marketing stack. This intuitive interface allows businesses to seamlessly navigate and execute marketing tasks.

Creative Generation: The platform generates landing pages, rich emails, SMS messages, and social media creatives using plain English inputs. This eliminates the need for complex design tools, making it easier to create visually appealing and engaging marketing content.

Real-time A/B Testing: Contlo conducts real-time A/B tests to identify winning creatives. This data-driven approach helps businesses optimize their marketing campaigns and improve overall performance.

Cross-channel Automation: Contlo offers smart cross-channel automation flows that automate and optimize customer journeys. By leveraging intelligent automation, businesses can boost conversions and deliver personalized experiences to their target audience.

Custom Audience Management: Contlo incorporates AI-powered customer segmentation, enabling businesses to intelligently manage their audiences. This helps in delivering targeted messages and offers, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

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