Overview: AI that quickly generates a complete mind map.
Tool Category: Productivity
Pricing Model: Free

Introducing ChatMind AI, a powerful tool that quickly generates complete mind maps using artificial intelligence. Simply type in what you want to do, and ChatMind AI will generate a comprehensive list of steps to help you organize your thoughts and make informed decisions.


AI-generated Mind Maps: ChatMind AI utilizes advanced AI algorithms to generate mind maps based on your input. Whether it’s questions, articles, or any other information, the AI system analyzes the content and organizes it into a structured mind map.

Dialogue Rewriting and Expansion: ChatMind AI supports multiple rounds of dialogue rewriting and expansion. This means you can have interactive conversations with the AI system, refining and expanding the mind map based on your specific requirements and preferences.

Thought and Decision Support: By providing you with a visual representation of your ideas and tasks, ChatMind AI assists in organizing your thoughts and facilitating decision-making. The mind maps serve as a helpful guide, enabling you to see the big picture and break down complex tasks into manageable steps.


ChatMind AI has a wide range of applications across various scenarios, including note-taking, scheduling, project management, brainstorming, framing, and more. It is a versatile tool that not only helps users quickly summarize and analyze information but also provides continuous creative inspiration.

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