Overview: Boxy is an AI coding companion designed to assist and support developers within the CodeSandbox environment.
Tool Category: Coding
Pricing Model: Freemium

Introducing Boxy, your AI coding companion designed to provide assistance and support to developers using the CodeSandbox environment. Boxy leverages the power of AI to enhance your coding experience and streamline your development workflow.


Contextual Code Generation: Boxy generates contextual code specific to your project, helping you write code more efficiently and accurately. It understands the context of your code and provides relevant suggestions and snippets to speed up development.

Intuitive Code Refactoring: With Boxy, you can request code improvements directly from the app preview. It offers intuitive code refactoring suggestions to enhance the structure, readability, and performance of your code, ensuring cleaner and more optimized codebases.

Smart Commit Messages: Boxy simplifies the process of writing commit messages by suggesting meaningful ones based on your code changes. It analyzes your code modifications and provides concise and descriptive commit message suggestions, saving you time and effort in documenting your work.

Insights and Explanations: Boxy goes beyond code suggestions and provides explanations and insights to help developers improve their coding skills. It offers explanations for complex concepts, provides documentation references, and shares best practices to enhance your understanding and mastery of programming.

Boxy is your intelligent coding companion, empowering you to write better code, refactor with ease, streamline version control, and enhance your overall development skills. With Boxy by your side, you can boost productivity, improve code quality, and create more robust applications within the CodeSandbox environment.

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