Overview: Thought-to-Video with Stable Diffusion.
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What is Mind-Video?

Introducing “Thought-to-Video with Stable Diffusion” – a groundbreaking technology that harnesses fMRI data from the brain to recreate video images, bringing thoughts to life in an extraordinary way.

The process of Thought-to-Video involves two crucial stages:

  • Stage A – Sparse: Coding Masked Brain Modeling (SC-MBM):
    In this stage, we utilize the powerful SC-MBM algorithm on a vast brain scan dataset. SC-MBM enables us to extract relevant information from brain scans and create a sparse coding masked model. This model serves as the foundation for decoding brain activity and understanding the visual content that individuals perceive.
  • Stage B – Double: Conditioned Latent Diffusion Model (DC-LDM):
    In Stage B, we take it a step further with the revolutionary DC-LDM approach. Leveraging the SC-MBM model, DC-LDM works its magic to generate vivid images directly from brain recordings. This state-of-the-art model considers dual conditioning, allowing us to translate brain activity into rich visual representations.
  • The combination of these two stages results in an awe-inspiring Thought-to-Video experience. Through Stable Diffusion, we achieve stability in the generation process, ensuring the reliability and quality of the video images recreated from the brain’s activity.

Witness the cutting-edge technology that bridges the gap between thoughts and visuals like never before. With Thought-to-Video using Stable Diffusion, we explore the fascinating realm of neural connections, transforming brain signals into captivating video imagery. Prepare to embark on a journey that unlocks the true potential of human cognition and creativity.

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